Market Buzz

FinmaxFX proudly presents the newest Trading central product - TC market Buzz.

The BUZZ was developed with the assistance of innovative AI and machine learning. It gives you an opportunity to get the most relevant trading news and fresh analytical data that depends on your trading portfolio and general preferences.

Only the latest news and accurate data

The main issue of trading on the global financial markets is the surplus of the knowledge base. Online trading exists for more than ten years now. Many things have changed, the approach to make proper analysis or investment strategies has changed as well. One of the primal issues of modern trading is that the majority of articles, books, or trading guides are outdated. TC market BUZZ allows us to forget about this problem once and for all.

What is doing TC market BUZZ to make your trading experience unique and successful?

While it is on, TC market BUZZ analyzes massive amounts of different data using the technical and linguistic approach. As a result, sorting it and giving a straight to the point summary about any asset or market movement.

Furthermore, in May 2020, TC Market BUZZ was awarded as the «Most Innovative New Product» in The Technical Analyst Awards.

The FinmaxFX team could not help but pay attention to this product and make sure that our clients get access to innovative technology presented by Trading Central, which can significantly improve their trading performance and create a unique trading environment.

Interactive visualization of data and fresh eyes on trading is what the FinmaxFX team is glad to offer to the clients.

The main features of BUZZ are:

  • Assets - more than 35 000 shares, 50 indices, 330 FX pairs and 60 commodity products are available for analysis;
  • Event detection - more than 300 different events (earnings, dividends, and price movements);
  • Media coverage - 2,500+ news publications, 2,000+ blogs and social media channels, and both premium and bespoke source integration.

Complicated algorithm - understandable and straightforward results

Trading Central's innovative algorithms work daily to analyze impressive amounts of data to present user-friendly results on preferred assets.

Trackable assets

You can add any assets you like to the Watchlist. With that you have an opportunity to get precise and relevant information on the assets chosen earlier. Only the latest data, nothing extra.

Discussions and debates

This function gives clients the ability to follow the most recent news, discussions and assets, ranking them in the most appropriate form.

Actionable event detection

Buzz detects more than 300 different events like earnings, dividends, new product releases.

Web administration

Simplify the sorting process with the unique BUZZ indicator to achieve a unique trading experience.

Buzz Meter & Split

Enable customers to explore how much "buzz" an instrument is attracting and how this is split across social and news spheres

Innovational view on the market

To analyze all of the platform data, the average human has to spend more than 2700 YEARS. But this is not an option. BUZZ will make everything by itself to present all of the information in a few minutes appropriately.