Bonus (Reward) policy

FinmaxFX (hereinafter referred to as the Company) may provide various benefits, bonuses, gifts to Clients, subject to certain requirements set forth by the Company. Customers can activate any award/bonus offered by the Company only after full verification. To receive such benefits, you need to contact the technical support, or you can apply through your manager. A welcome bonus of $25 is available for each client who opens an account with the Company and undergoes verification, which is subject to the following requirements:

  1. Registration
  2. Activating the mobile phone number

Any bonus can be withdrawn from the Client at any time if the Client abuses this Regulation. Abuse can be carried out independently or by a group of persons who conduct fraudulent activities, manipulate money, set a goal to receive a large number of bonuses, and other cases stipulated in the LCC legislation.

In addition, if there are objective reasons to suspect the Customer of fraudulent actions, the Company reserves the right to cancel all attempts to withdraw the profit from the account, until the court fully investigates the situation. In this case, accounts can be closed or suspended in case they are found to be "offensive", as well as have canceled orders and eliminated profits on them.

LCC is the sole arbitration of all bonuses on the Company's website. LCC may, at its discretion, revoke, modify or restrict any bonuses/awards without prior notice. LCC is not responsible for the losses incurred by customers resulting from dealing with bonuses/awards. Trading is an investment option with a high degree of risk. There is a big risk that you will lose all your initial investment.

The company does not recommend accepting any awards and bonuses if you do not fully understand the conditions of their receipt!