Donald Trump decided to terminate the nuclear agreement with Iran

In a speech on Tuesday, President Donald Trump pronounced that the US withdraws from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and regenerate sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Donald Trump
Source: DeFacto

Iran stays on “the central sponsor of international terrorism,” the country constantly screams “death to America”, and the agreement settled with Tehran not only failed to attain its goal but also supported the regime take benefits on the path of creating nuclear weapons, as cited by Trump.
He said that Iran raised the military budget by 40% after it was permitted to increase oil exports to the world market and approach 100 billion dollars of frozen foreign exchange reserves.

In the meantime, a deal settled with the participation of Russia and five other mediators does not permit inspections at a number of key nuclear facilities in the country.

Trump said, “We cannot lead Iran to gain nuclear weapons, as this will stir up a nuclear race in the Middle East”.
He also added that “sanctions of the highest level” will be pronounced against Tehran, which also contains secondary restrictions: any country that supports Iran with nuclear development will also be set under the sanctions system.
Trump said, “Today’s decision is a crucial indicator that the United States is no longer rushed by empty predicaments.”

According to CNN sources, the preparation of the sanctions regime will endure several months. The restriction will be directed to exporting Iranian oil.
Sanctions will be fully reconstructed within 180 days, pronounced after Trump’s speech to the US Treasury.

“According to the president’s command, departments and agencies will start the procedure of 90-day and 180-day periods of retrenchment of activities involved with Iran, in accordance with US sanctions lifted in the platform of the UWP. After 180-day period, sanctions will be fully restored”, according to the message of the Ministry of Finance.

Iran also made the nuclear agreement with China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. France, Germany, and the United Kingdom showed “regret and concern” over Trump’s announcement and said that they inclined to reserve the 2015 agreement. In a join pronouncement on Tuesday, the leaders of the three nations ask Iran to keep regulating the deal and said Trump should refrain from taking any action that would impede them from carrying out the agreement.
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