Theresa May announced the government’s further Brexit steps.

British Prime Minister Theresa May told about further steps of her government in the Brexit field. May negotiated an agreement with the European Union about conditions of Great Britain to exit in November, however, that deal was not supported by the British Parliament in December. The failed vote also led to the non-confidence motion which May’s government was able to withstand. The majority of Parliament members voted for the government to keep working on further negotiations of the Brexit conditions.

Having announced further government’s steps, May stated that she is not intended to postpone the terms of negotiations with the European Union, the deadline is still scheduled for March 29. A second Brexit referendum is not considered as well.

“Britons made their decision in July 2016 when the Brexit vote took place, and that decision does not have to be reconsidered”, she said.

In her appeal to Parliament Members, May named three key principals that she’s going to use guided by when reviewing the agreement details. First, she urged to pay more attention to other parties’ offerings. Second, Premier Minister promised to grant the request, with which opposition Labour Party’s members performed -- to provide guarantees of respect for rights of citizens working in the UK after Brexit, and not to allow their working conditions worsening after leaving the European Union and EU common rules. Third, May noted a possibility of overcoming her associates’ anxiety in the ruling Conservative Party, as well as Democratic Union Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland members, about so-called ‘backstop’ mechanism, which forces Britain to follow some of the EU rules after the Brexit.

The mechanism will be activated in case if Britain and EU would not be able to reach an agreement allowing to avoid a physical border appearance between Ireland Republic (EU member) and Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom). Prime Minister outlined tow backstop’s disadvantages. The first one is the absence of any terms of the mechanism and Britain’s inability to exit from it without the EU agreement. The second problem is related to requirements which will be imposed on Northern Ireland by backstop activation. It comes, in particular, about the need for Belfast to follow EU regulations.

Premier Minister promised to listed to DUP’s concerns and come back to the EU negotiations. Some opposition politicians expressed mistrust that May will listen to their offers. The Parliament does not still clearly understand how the Brexit mechanism will be imposed, which leads to uncertainty in business activity.

The European Union officials’ reacted ambiguously on May’s wish to return to negotiations. Poland International Affairs Minister Jacek Chaputovich noted on Monday that the backstop mechanism could be restricted by a two-year term. Although, Brussels is not ready to find any compromise on the Brexit deal conditions.

Jacek Chaputovich
Source:Front News International
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