British Minister: Brexit might not take place with 50% chances.

UK Foreign Trade Minister Liam Fox, who is one of the main Brexit supporters in Theresa May’s government, stated that Brexit might not take place at all with a probability of 50%, in case if Parliament would not support the deal in the middle of January. The deal was announced by the European Union and British Prime Minister in December 2018, however, it has to be implemented by both sides parliaments.

Liam Fox said that cancelling the deal would lead to further uncertainty and turbulence and that supporting the deal must become a case of honour for Parliament members. The Minister also assured that Brexit will take place with 100% chances if Parliament will vote for Theresa May's’ deal.

“If Members of Parliament have honour then they will not be able to refuse the referendum result now”, - he said.

“If they will do so, that will destroy the bond of trust between the electorate and Parliament. An I think, that will put us on an unprecedented path with unpredictable consequences”, - Liam Fox concluded.

British Parliament will start the new session right after the New Year holidays on January 7. The debate on Theresa May’s deal will start on January 9 and will last several days. The deal decision vote is scheduled for the third week of January.

Initially, the deal vote was planned for December 11 in the British Parliament. However, Theresa May’s advisors warned Premier Minister that more than a hundred Members of Parliament from her own Conservative political party are not ready to support the positive vote decision, planning to vote against the deal.

Premier Minister cancelled the Parliament vote on December 10, postponing the decision till January 11. That decision caused indignation from opposition parties, as well as antagonists of her policy inside her own Conservative party.

If the Parliament refused the deal offered by Theresa May, the British government will start getting ready to a hard no-deal Brexit, which could lead to huge economic trouble and also become a threat to national security and country’s integrity. Such a situation might force opposition parties and Brexit antagonists inside Conservative party unite to provide a second referendum, raising the question about the need of leaving the EU for the United Kingdom.

 The real fight against Brexit starts now
Source:The Independent

European Union leaders refuse to meet any additional concessions to Theresa May’s government so far, naming the concluded deal as the only one possible in these circumstances. They also stated that they are ready for any scenario for Great Britain to leave the EU, including hard Brexit, reminding that cancelling the Brexit is the most preferable option.
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