Bloomberg: the world’s richest people lost $511 billion in 2018.

Russian billionaires had the lowest losses on average. Total capital of the 25 richest Russians decreased by 2%.

The overall capital volume of the world’s 500 richest people declined by approximately $511 billion during 2018, while Russian entrepreneurs suffered the most modest losses than many other countries’ businessmen. Such estimates were published by Bloomberg last Friday.

As the agency noted, according to the latest data, the total wealth of 50 richest people on the planet fell to $4.7 trillion due to the sharp drop of several companies’ shares value. Wherein that indicator approached the highest level on record - $5.6 trillion - in the first half of 2018 amid favourable market conditions.

The richest Russians.

According to the agency estimates, last year was comparatively less unlucky for most of the Russian billionaires rather than for many foreign wealthy businessmen. The research reported that the overall wealth of the 25 richest people in the country (Russia) decreased moderately down to $255 billion.

According to a chart published on the agency’s website, that indicator declined by 2% in the past year. At the same time, according to Bloomberg, 16 of 25 mentioned personalities suffered losses.

According to the agency’s calculations, Oleg Deripaska was the most unlucky Russian businessman, who faced US sanctions last Spring. As a result, his wealth was decreased by $5.7 billion. Deripaska is not included in the rating list made by the agency of 500 richest people on the planet anymore.

Oleg Deripaska
Source: Wall Street Journal

At the same time, as the report underlined, Russian billionaires Leonid Michelson, Vagit Alekperov and Gennadiy Timchenko made in total around $9 billion.

American billionaires.

Amazon corporation head Jeff Bezos, who owns the highest place of the richest worlds’ people rating list, managed to increase his wealth to a record high of $168 billion in September. Meantime, according to the latest estimates, the total cost of assets which belong to Bezos decreased to $115 billion.

As the agency stated, last year was unlucky for Facebook company CEO, which owns the social network with the same name, Mark Zuckerberg. He lost $23 billion starting from January. Zuckerberg’s wealth was estimated at $49.7 billion recently.

The report also showed that 173 billionaires from the United States were included in the 500 list with the total capital $1.9 trillion. That volume had dropped 5.9% as the year result.

Huge losses around the world.

The agency noted that Asian countries delegated 128 richest people in the rating list of 500. Their overall capital decreased by $144 billion during the past year. The largest losses were noted for a Chinese businessman, Wang Jianlin, the owner of Wanda Group - $11.1 billion.

Most of the billionaires in the European countries had also lost a significant part of their wealth. In particular, German entrepreneur Georg Schoeffler and his family lost $17 billion.

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim appeared among people who had suffered the most unlucky year in 2018. His wealth was estimated at $53.9 billion. Amancio Ortega - the owner of Spanish trade network Zara - was also struggling from the wealth cut. His result was indicated at the level of $59.2 billion.

Brazilian investor Jorge Paulo Lemann was also included in that list with losses of $9.8 billion and the total capital of $19.8 billion.

Jorge Paulo Lemann
Source: Endeavor
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