An Ultimate Guide, how to Become a Successful Forex Trader

Author: Timur Sveridov

Forex Trading is really amazing, appealing, & educational. It is also a fact that it provides several great opportunities for forex traders. Despite having all that it has been seen that majority of traders’ experience loss in trading due to the fact they don’t bother to learn “How to Become a Successful Forex Trader”.

As a result, they kept losing their valuable money. That’s why today in this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss bit by bit information about “How to Become Successful Forex Trader”.

Learning Forex Trading generally can be difficult but there is nothing wrong with the saying that efforts in the right directions are very crucial. Through this guide, we will unveil some successful practices of forex trading for all including beginners & professionals. I assure you that if you are reading this guide then you are very much in the right direction to become a great Forex Trader. Because the guide is full of great financial advice for the beginners & professionals. Without waiting a while let’s get a start.

Forex Traders & Their Roles

Forex Traders are those individuals who place orders in the market. They can place orders as an independent trader or as a representative of some financial institutes like fund agencies, banks, and others. They put purchasing & selling orders of stocks, these orders are called the exchange orders. Note: Exchange Orders can be based on the name of trader itself or based on the name of clients/customers who employed them.

Categories of Traders

There are a number of forex trader’s categories totally depend upon the market in which they are trading. For instance, the markets are

  1. Equities;
  2. Foreign Exchange;
  3. Bonds;
  4. Metals;
  5. Coffee;
  6. Commodities;
  7. Meat;
  8. Others.

Among all of these markets, the most appealing, thrilling, and beneficial is forex exchange or Forex.

Why Forex is more beneficial than others

  1. The need for the cash in the professional money market totally depends upon the needs & surpluses of interests of clients and banks.
  2. While on the other hand the equity traders, the trades are totally based on the behavior of the market with the aim of selling at the time of the price at peak and buy before it going to increase.
  3. The method of managing the money in forex trading is not only based on the needs of the client but also on different indicators.

Traders in Forex

As we have mentioned earlier, there are two generic kinds of Traders:

  1. Those who do forex trading with the interest of customers i.e “Brokers”;
  2. Those who do forex trading on their personal accounts.

Those kind of forex traders who work for the others like banks, financial institute sell and purchase the stock share based on the interest of their clients or boss not with the money they own. In this way they don’t make profit or loss from the trading for themselves but as a reward they get monthly salary or commissions from the employers.

They are just the tools to their clients or customers who want to sell or purchase.

The customer of the broker might by anything or anyone either people or organization & they don’t own their own forex trading room. The second type of trader are those who do trading for their very own by utilizing their own cash to acquire profits for themselves on every individual trading. These forex traders are supported with their own assets, and all kind of forex trading is executed through internet trading. As internet forex trading is proceeding on a daily basis with the OTC (Over the Counter) market. The rate of success for such traders in their own personal accounts is just their own estimates.

There is nothing wrong with the saying that the sums forex trading is done by traders who are at home are a lot littler than those of an expert broker.

What is Success for the Forex Traders?

Up to now we have done with the answer to the following questions

  1. Who are forex Traders?;
  2. What are their Jobs, Roles, & Responsibilities being an independent or being a representative of an institute?

But now the question you may ask is “What is the success for the forex traders?”. I believe it is the right time to define success in the Forex Trader. The primary thing that you have to do with regards to become a successful Forex trader is to comprehend

  1. What do you need to accomplish?
  2. How you characterize forex trading achievements?
  3. What would you like to accomplish? An Action plan?

In choosing what you need, you must be reasonable. Set yourself a practical and quantifiable objective. This could be something like:

In order to accomplish 20% yearly profit, acquire 5000 USD of benefit, get an aggregate of 100 pips for each month or something like that.

Whatever you choose, your objective or aim ought to likewise be anything but super easy to measure your rate of success. What is also crucial for being a successful forex trader is to define an objective/aim/goal that must be achievable in the long run. It is recommended to all forex traders is to set a yearly objective to accomplish as opposed to a month to month objectives.

When you have defined your primary goal or aim of trading for the year, it is time to begin figuring out how to accomplish it with a maximum rate of success. The most ideal path is to distinguish which assets or resources are accessible to you.

This may also involve the size of your initial deposit, and the measure of time you are eager to spend on forex trading, and overall capital of your that you are happy to spend on forex trading related issues.

When you are done with the objectives of your trading, it is the best time to make a plan of implementation. This implementation ought to comprise of a pair of currencies in which you are willing to execute your trading and the quantity of trading you will focus on.

This can feel somewhat overpowering for new forex trading learners, so fortunately right now we feel it is the best time to share our top 10 best secrets with you that can help the beginner to enjoy the successful trades.

10 Steps Ladder for Beginners Forex Traders

Don’t Set High Expectations in Trading

Issues emerge when new brokers become tensed on pursuing the high trade targets, and this tension can lead to become the cause of losing their valuable assets in terms of money.

So the main step or rule to become a professional for beginners is to overlook ridiculous objectives or goals. The possibility of winning cash in Forex with only a couple of speedy forex exchanges is incredibly far-fetched. Working in a risky environment and by overlooking the facts and figures can lead you to lose your capital.

Normally most of the traders set high aims or objectives in front of them that ultimately leads to having high states of emotions. And it is a fact that emotions in business lead to the biggest human errors, especially in forex trading’s. We have discussed this situation of feelings later on in the tips section of the guide.

For the most part, most experienced or expert brokers center around a solitary idea:

"Gain the cash you need and don't worry about winning more."

In contrast to concentrating just on the fast way to acquire great money in Forex, attempt to concentrate on learning and forex Trading techniques and inquiring about all the trading devices & tools. This will assist you with building up an enduring forex trading strategy so you can become a Successful Forex Trader with the passage of time.

Must Get Familiar with the Trading Risk Capability

Before you proceed to set any kind of objectives for yourself it is necessary to get the basic understanding of the latest flow of the market. Must understand your capital in hand and read other reviews so you have reasonable expectations of ROI (Return on Investment). And the most important thing is to research and select the pair of currencies you are willing to do trades.

On the off chance that you don't feel good with the any of the trading elements, don't put your valuable money into forex, regardless of whether it's beneficial. This is a universal rule and generally applicable to any of the market.

Regardless of what might be expected, if you think that your approach of investing money is purely according to the market flow then must proceed. But! Remember the following!

  1. Invest just what you can bear to lose without influencing your way of life;
  2. Diversify your all capital, it is highly recommended that never ever invest more than 20% of your total capital;
  3. You must be familiar with your risk capabilities & must have a trading action plan;
  4. Always ready to lose. after a progression of fail trades, you are still eager to continue with the trading, then I must say that forex is your market!

Define the Most Effective Trading Strategy

When you have decided to adopt the trading as a profession, the very next level is to decide one of the best trading strategy to become a successful trader. There is no set in a stone manner to enjoy forex trading, the main thing is that you come up with the best trading techniques that you will be going to use under various circumstances.

Most of the time you will observe that a particular strategy of forex trading works fine for a particular pair of currency in a particular market but the same strategy is not suitable for others and vice versa. That’s why learning is the best & most effective strategy to become a successful forex trader. Always keep on learning from behaviors & experience.

If you want to become a successful trader, the key rule is to

“Homogenizing your risk capabilities with your Forex Trading Strategies.”

Keep on exploring the latest trading tools that are easy to assess for you. Keep on learning some new & great trading techniques & must try to do things out of the box. Don’t follow others strategies blindly. Learn how market behaves & works in particular situations.

Last but not least under this tip is keep on test your trading capabilities, keep an eye on updates, keep yourself busy in making new strategies for you.

Keep your Emotions Far Away from your Tradings

This may sound straightforward; however, it is vital. Emotions & Feelings are the most terrible things in trading but if you want to be a professional trader then don’t involve your emotions & feelings.

A few brokers attempt to consider Forex Trading a childish thing & think that they can easily beat the market, and afterwards when they begin losing, they feel defeat & ends with dissatisfaction.

Feeling like down, excited, overconfident, confident, and others have no meaning in trades. Before starting if you have any of such kind of feel it is highly prohibited to trade in these feelings.

Above all, Forex exchanging is certainly not a game, and never ever try to attempt it like a game. Forex is purely related to the finance and it is the fine mixture of discipline & deep analytical knowledge of the market. If you lose some of your money while having the bad trades, then never ever blame the market it’s you who didn’t do his homework in a better way.

You should completely understand the mechanics of forex, trust your strategy, and follow the guidelines and procedure you set for trading. This is the complete key of receiving the rewards in terms of profit in forex. Feelings can destroy a trader completely, so it is indispensable to save them and not include them in forex trades.

keep your emotions far away from your tradings

Probably the most ideal approaches to set yourself up for the feelings is by trying your abilities on a free demo account. A number of Exchanges are offering a free demo account with virtual credits of 10,000$. For example, you can check on IQ, IQ is offering a free demo account with great credit for learning purpose. First, learn & then start your Trading.

Trade with Stop Loss to make Max Profit & Avoid Risks

Regardless of what your strategy of trading you are using; you must constantly do trades with the stop loss in order to get maximum benefits. By using this approach, you can easily get familiar with the ending price of your forex trade.

Once the price of the stock reaches to its value you trade will close automatically even though you are away from your system. At the end of the day, usage of the stop-loss option will give you the true serenity of not losing more than the breaking point you identified for your trades.

You must also know the fact that stop-loss option is not any kind of assurance because it may happen that market acts sporadically and suddenly big price gaps start appearing. So, under these circumstances, the setting stop-loss will not help you but it will execute when the stock price arrives at that level. This overall behavior of the market is known as “Slippage”.


The approach of taking profit on each trade is the most regularly used practice. In this way, the traders always use to trade close to the pricing level & take their profit once the market reaches to that value.

Always Stay Aware of the Trading Market

Through this extensive forex trading guide, we are trying to answer the question “How to Become a Successful Trader?” One of the best practice & most important step of the later is “Stay Aware of the Current Situation of Trading Market” via news and other important sources.

It has been commonly seen that most of the market developments are driven by news, national bank declarations, political occasions, or the desire for any of these. This is why they are called key elements of Forex Trading.

Regardless of whether you are a technical analyst of the market, which means somebody who makes currency exchange by doing graph investigation of a market, you should, in any case, give close consideration to the basics, since such occasions are a key factor in the development of the trading of Forex.

For instance, if you are utilizing the confident strategy of trading & few special market indicators that show trading in the long run. Check the forex schedule, in any case, to ensure your trading order exactly matches recent news and other events.

No matter your trading strategy is perfect but the news & other events of social & political lives can make a big difference in results.

always stay aware of the trading market

Don’t Trade Too Much

Trading Too Much is the consequence of seeing chances to bring in money in forex where there truly are not anymore. A few people who need to become successful traders search for chances to achieve their objectives, but most often, they could conceivably acknowledge they are beguiling themselves, and this unrealistic reasoning is putting their assets in danger. They could experience a great loss.

Throughout our experience, we have seen the following 2 situations of too much trading.

  1. Trading too as often as possible, and;
  2. Trading with an excess of volume.

Doing trading too regularly by staying out of scalping techniques, is a certain method to lose more capital than making more profit.

At the point when you are making your efforts to become one of the best & successful forex trader, it bodes well to follow this rule “Don’t Trade Too Much” no matter what either you are making trades in the forex or in the Contract for Difference market.

A ton of blindly trades to make money are not fruitful, Simply, you have to make rational & right trades to enjoy the maximum profit.

If you are using your live account in order to make some trades, then you must define the trading with predefined rules & conditions. You define the market entry points & market exit points. Always follow your rules, don’t get it on your nerves and enjoy the forex trading.

Every Trade is not a Winning Trade

It is a fact that success is the dream of each and every trader. In actuality, 'achievement/success' doesn't imply that you generally win in each of your trades, however, that the normal over the entirety of your trading winds up with a profit.

Close all of your orders with a benefit is basically unthinkable. Some experts might be reliably gainful consistently, however, none can show an exchanging articulation that does exclude a solitary losing forex trade.

Sometimes you lose one or two of your trade, don't surrender and never give up. Probably the experts with many years of experience have admitted that under 42% of their traders are productive and bring profits, and some even refer to under 25%.

The secret to being a successful forex trader is that % of the profit from the winning trades is always big that they cover the maximum of their losses with those profits. Remember this is basic with experts who have become the stack holder of the market in order to stay long & play forex trading on the long run. It takes a great deal of mental solidarity to concede botches in decision making and to close maximum of their orders with a little early stop loss.

Must Make a Trading Action Plan

Till now, we have a lot of discussion of rules, regulations, & discipline, but now it is the time to talk about the action plan. You must have some routine to perform some trading but casual action plan will not work to become a successful trader. You must come up with the best & strict action plan of trading that is capable enough to cover each and every aspect of your trading activities. Trading action plan will help you a lot to mitigate the risk of unforeseen events that going to disturb the market.

It has been commonly seen that most of the beginners make some bad habits of trading as we mentioned above the “Habit of Trading Too Much” is one of the bad habits that most of the new traders adopt.

It has been seen that some of the time traders luck make a profit for them but this way to trading achieve enforce & develop the negativity in them. And as a result, it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of this negativity.

That’s why it is essential to become a successful trader that you should work on your good habits. Instead of considering luck behind every trade achieve your objectives with good Trading Action Plan.

Select a Trader Who Matches Your Risk Profile

Are you worried or stressed about the market reputation of your Trader? If so, then mate I must say that it would be very difficult for you to keep on focusing your trades. While if you are confident about your trader then it will definitely bring you the peace of mind & you will get a chance to spend more time in the analysis of market & developing the new forex trading strategies that could be beneficial for you.

Research before investing your valuable money about different traders. This behavior can improve your chances of being a successful trader in the online forex trading market.

Who is the best broker?

The qualities of the best broker include the one who is always ready to help you! Who is 24/7 open to answer your questions related to trading? For example,

  1. Will your cash be protected and insured?
  2. How do they provide customer care service once the client is done with the opening of an account with them?
  3. Are they a decent Forex Trader for new learners?
  4. Do they have any decent forex Trading platform?

If you get the answers to all above-mentioned questions, then you must go with them. There are a number of brokers/Traders available in the market but it is always good to do homework before opening an account with anyone. Go through customer reviews and their support rating. Such elements can help you to select the best trader who matches your risk profile.

Forex Trading Tips for Professionals

Build up your Own Forex Trading Action Plan

One of the most important step to stay in the forex market for a long time is come up with the best action for forex trading & stay stick to it no matter what. To do so, you must need to do a lot of research on tools & technical elements of the market and then have to do testing of your strategy through demo accounts. You must also work on your profile risk that how much risk you can afford on your capital.

No matter what you decide to become either a long-term player or a scalper the key point to success is the consistency. It is a universal truth that practice makes the man perfect & each next trade will be your step towards success.

The deeper you analyze the strategies and market, the more you gain knowledge & experience. And we believe that you will come up with consistent success & great decisions. With the passage of time you will grow up as a trader, your strategies will also grow up with you & become mature.

Don’t Trade Too Much on Demo Accounts

Many of us wish to become a successful trader but it has been commonly seen that the majority of users never move ahead in trading on a demo account. The fact is that if you want to become a successful forex trader then you must trade on your real money. With real money, you can make money & making money is not possible on demo accounts.

Only use the demo accounts for learning purpose! Don’t trade too much on demo accounts you will get filled with the fear of trading. Will not come up with any forex strategy.

If you are a new trader! Then you must learn trading on demo account just for a month & while using it must try to grab mechanism of trading. Don’t let the fail trading to get on your nerves.

Switch to Live Trading Account to Become a Successful Trader

If you feel that you have to grab enough while using the demo trading account & it is the best time for you to trade on live accounts. Then proceed & switch to Live Trading Account. Only live accounts can give you money! Don’t afraid of fail trading! Because the percentage of successful trades for expert traders also not exceed 40% out of 100. Stay Calm & stick to your trading strategy.

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Educate yourself before entering the real forex market otherwise, you will put your valuable money on high risks. Here we summaries the recipe of “A Successful Trader in Forex”.

  1. Come up with Trading Action Plan & Always stick to it no matter what;
  2. Use the option of stop loss & take profit for every trade;
  3. Take the risk of only 2%. Not more than 2%;
  4. Always keep your feelings & emotions far away from trading;
  5. Never ever trade to cover your trading loss;
  6. Do trade when you feel it is the right time;
  7. Don’t let the trades to get on your nerves;
  8. Try to have a maximum rate of profit in trades.

As I mentioned in the start, the efforts in the right directions matter a lot! So, hopefully, till now you have your direction to become a Successful Forex Trader.

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