Weekly Forex technical forecast September 14-18

The euro is still developing against the dollar within the lateral channel at 1.1697 and 1.1900. Attempts to gain a foothold above the channel did not lead to success, and from the latest trends, it should be noted that the moving averages develop horizontally, which is one of the harbingers of the end of the upward dynamics and the strengthening of the correction. Interesting information is provided by oscillators that develop classically, moving from the oversold area to the overbought area and back. The histogram looks up, but has noticeably moved away from the minimum values. This means that by a combination of factors, we can expect a downward movement and trade down.

analytics EUR / USD for September 14-18 

The British pound has depreciated greatly against the US dollar, reaching 1.2769. Moreover, the downward movement began from the level of 1.3500. As a result of this strong downward movement, the price and the histogram have already been at local minimums for more than 3 months, and the oscillator has been in the oversold area for a long time. Please note that upon reaching the level of 1.2769, the market slowed down its decline, tested this level, but failed to overcome it outright. Thus, we can expect a corrective upward movement, but only up to the trend line, which is indicated on the chart.

analytics GBP / USD for September 14-18 

This currency pair again returned to the market area when the volatility is extremely reduced, and the price develops exclusively within the boundaries of the moving averages, without showing the ability to significantly move away from them. The flat state of the market is well traced by the histogram, which literally stuck to the zero line. The oscillator is also at a neutral value, but shows a minimum movement. Thus, you cannot trade until volatility returns. If volatility returns and drops the price below 105.700, trade down. If volatility raises the price above 106.405, trade for an increase.

USD / JPY analytics for September 14-18 

The upward trend is still dominant for the Australian dollar against the US dollar. The trend line has slightly decreased, but is still clearly visible. Moreover, the trend line practically coincides with the levels of the moving averages. Recently, the trend and the level of moving averages have been tested several times, but each time after that there has been an upward pullback. If you look at the position of the indicators, then they all tested the local minimum, after which they carried out the current upward movement. The same applies to the current price. Therefore, we can consider options for trading up, but a deal can only be opened if the level of the moving averages is corrected.

analytics AUD / USD for September 14-18  

The dollar against the Canadian dollar is attempting to reverse the downtrend. The trend line was broken upwards, after which the market grew for a significant time, reaching the level of the moving averages, where the reversal occurred. As a result, the current price was framed by the side corridors 1.3142 and 1.3200. A spike in volatility and an attempt to change the trend can be clearly seen in the histogram, which demonstrates a very wide range. For this currency pair, we can say that you cannot trade as long as it is within the range. Further, in the direction of exiting the range, you can open a contract.

USD / CAD analytics for September 14-18 

For the current currency pair, the level of 0.9061 is still very strong. The current market segment is as close as possible to this level, which is very close to the level of moving averages. This level, in turn, changed the slope to horizontal, confirming the flat and an attempt to change the trend. Please note that quite recently the market tested this level from top to bottom, after which a rollback followed. The histogram is trying to go below 0, but if we consider the historical data, then near the indicated level, the downward movement was minimal and we can expect that this will be repeated in this case. Therefore, we are considering options for trading up.

analytics USD / CHF for September 14-18 

The dollar is still strengthening its position against the Russian ruble and is making an attempt to consolidate above the level of 75.18. If you look at the indicators, then they do not give any specific signals for trading, since the indicators show significant volatility and movement from a local maximum to a local minimum. The main signals for trading are given by the price chart. If we compare the indicated level with the trend line, then the peak state is traced. It can be expected that in the near future the trend will force the market to rise above the designated level, which means that you can trade up.

analytics USD / RUB for September 14-18 

Gold is in the process of correcting an uptrend. This correction led to the formation of a side corridor with the boundaries of 1909.434 and 1955.158. The correctional stage of the market can be traced to all indicators that are close to their neutral values. Separately, it should be noted that the level of moving averages. He has not only changed his slope to horizontal but even looks down. Taking into account that the price is close to the upper border of the channel, we can expect a downward movement. But this is a local trade. Globally, we are waiting in which direction the market will break through the designated channel.

Gold analytics for September 14-18 

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