Best Forex Indicator Combination: SMMA and MA with MACD

Author: Consultant Finmaxfx

How to Combine Different Indicators?

First, you get an SMMA (Smoothed moving average) with a period of 30. It is then followed by MACD 1 with parameters (25, 50, 9). In addition, an MA with a period of 15 is necessary to form the entry signs. After that, you will need another MACD 2 indicator with parameters (6, 12, 1) as the last bolt to finish the machine and bring it on.

Conditions for purchases under the rules combinations:

  1. MACD 1: The MA with a period of 15 intersects with the moving average of the indicator MACD itself and is to be lower.
  2. The MACD 2 is above zero and is increasing;
  3. The price is above the SMMA;
  4. The first closed candle with a green body is the sign for a buy order;
  5. The stop loss is 30 points under the transaction price;
  6. After passing 30 points in the positive zone, you should move the stop-loss to breakeven;
  7. As soon as the MACD 1 and its own MA line intersect in the opposite direction, the buy position should be closed immediately.

Best Forex Indicator Combination: SMMA and MA with MACD

Conditions for sales:

  1. MACD 1. The moving average with period 15 intersects MACD and is higher;
  2. The MACD 2 is below zero and is decreasing;
  3. The price on the chart is below the SMMA;
  4. The first closed candle with a red body is the sign for a sell order;
  5. As soon as the lines in the indicator window of MACD 1 intersect in the opposite direction, the transaction should be closed at the current market price;
  6. A fixed-profit order - You can set it at a distance of 200 points from the entry point to the deal.

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Best Forex Indicator Combination: SMMA and MA with MACD

Important rules when applying this strategy:

  • Opening one position at a time is a high recommendation;
  • Don’t enter the market until the candle of confirmation is totally closed;
  • When the crossing on MACD 1 shows up, the price can cross the MA only once to form an effective sign. If there are more intersections, then all subsequent signals should be ignored;
  • All signals (except the MACD 1 signal) must be received within one trading day;
  • The maximum risk for each transaction shouldn’t be more than 2% of your total balance.

Pros and cons of forex Indicator Combination

  • Helps you to catch a new trend early;
  • Uses popular built-in indicators;
  • Easy to install and track;
  • Provides a detailed guide on buy and sell conditions.

  • For such an early entering in the market, you may face some stop-loss orders before actually getting into the right trend;
  • Requires patience and good emotion control.

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Forex Indicator Combination is an effective technical strategy with quality indicators to early high-probability entries. Given the H1 time interval, this strategy is incredibly suitable for intraday traders. Coming with many advantages and a high-profit that often allows a single good shot to cover three or even five stop-loss, it is totally worth a try on this strategy and make it your long-term gold mine.
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