Trading review for the previous week (Mar 26 - Mar 30)

In this article, we would like to present the review of financial markets targeting the major financial instruments during the period from Mar 26 to Mar 30.


Last week was a highly pessimistic affair for most indices.

Heading into Europe, the FTSE (UKX) finished up the week at 7056.6, recovering by 1.84%. The DAX also posted a rally of 1.63%, trading at 12096.73. The CAC40 alongside headed higher by 1.36%, finalizing at 5167.3.

Switching to the US, the NASDAQ posted wobbles during the week and eventuated at 7063.4, rallying by 1.04%. The DOW (DJI) as well climbed to 24103.1, advancing about 2.58%.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 recovered vigorously about 4.09%, closing at 21454.3.

Foreign exchange market:

Looking out over the Forex market, the Greenback last week found a stabilization thanks to the optimistic fourth-quarter GDP report, dismissing the CB Consumer Confidence level which remained well-decreased. The Euro – Greenback’s gain reinforced from earlier last week was completely removed, with the currency pair ending at 1.23209 (-0.23%).

The previous week witnessed a fairly negative affair for the British Pound – Greenback mainly because of the USD’s recovery and the Cable’s depreciation, regardless of the better-than-expected Current Account release from the UK. In conclusion, the GBP/USD exchange finished up at 1.40261, descending about 0.8% over the course of the five sessions.

The Japanese Yen’s bullish momentum last week halted, making the haven currency deteriorate versus its US counterpart which picked up energetically.
In total, the Yen – US Dollar exchange ascended by 1.35% during the week, finalizing at 106.260.

The Greenback – Canadian Dollar has spent a week struggling within a narrow range despite the currency pair having bullish momentum from a stronger USD and a weaker CAD stemming from the negative Canadian GDP announcement. In total, USD/CAD was locked at 1.28945 on last week’s close, inconsiderably moving up by 0.02%.

The Australian Dollar continued active in its bearish trend despite finding some fresh buyers at its lows. Combined with the US Dollar’s elevation, the Aussie – Greenback exchange posted a loss of 0.17% over the course of the week, trading at 0.76800.

The New Zealand Dollar – US Dollar was also pushed lower during the previous week due to the pessimistic ANZ Business Confidence release from New Zealand. The currency pair finalized at 0.72319 at the end of the week with a small loss of 0.03%.

The New Zealand Dollar
Source: Flags of countries

Other assets:

The USD’s positive development has undermined the flagship anti-fiat asset’s bullish momentum printed a weak ago. In total, XAU/USD decreased about 1.66%, ending up at 1325.03 during the five sessions.

Oil prices last week recorded a slide because of the increase in Crude Oil Inventories. At the end of the previous week, the USOIL traded back to $64.88 per barrel, dropping by 0.83%.

The prior week once again saw the world’s most prevalent cryptocurrency sharply head lower. The $7,000 level couldn’t sustain bears’ aggression, making Bitcoin trade lower to $6,500 at the time of writing.
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