Trading review for the previous week Feb 19 – Feb 23

In this article, we would like to present the review of financial markets targeting the major financial instruments during the period from Feb 19 to Feb 23.


Last week was a mixed trading affair of most indices.

Heading into Europe, the FTSE finalized the week’s sessions at 7244.4, dropping by 0.79%. The DAX closed at 12483.8, increasing by 0.35%. The CAC40 also ascended by 0.68%, finishing up at 5317.4.

Switching to the US, the NASDAQ traded at 7337.4 on last week’s close, advancing about 1.57%. The DOW (DJI) also corrected higher by 0.41%, trading at 25309.99

Trading review for the previous week Feb 19 – Feb 23

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 posted a pick-up of 0.87% over the course of the week, locked at 21892.8.

Forex market:

Looking out over the currency market, the US Dollar gained back its bullish momentum on the back of sanguine FOMC meeting minutes with all signs pointing to further aggressive actions in the near future. Meanwhile, the European currency also got a lift since inflation showed signs of a faster pick-up. However, the Greenback buy side still prevailed, leading the Euro – Greenback exchange to decline about 0.94%, finishing up the five sessions at 1.22946.

Even though USD bulls were quite hawkish, the Cable still held steady versus its US cousin thanks in large part due to UK’s Average Earnings Index 3m/y remaining equal to its previous announcement. In total, GBP/USD ended up the week losing only 0.47%, trading at 1.39695.

The Greenback – Japanese Yen exchange has spent the prior week rallying thanks to the US Dollar’s stabilization. Summarily, USD/JPY traded at 106.858 on last week’s close, mounting by 0.51%.

The US Dollar – Canadian Dollar last week got a lift against the backdrop of a stronger USD. Shrugging off Canada’s highly sanguine CPI report, the currency pair marked a gain of 0.61% during the previous week, finalizing at 1.26288.

Last week recorded a negative week of the Australian Dollar because of Reserve Bank of Australia President Phillip Lowe continuing to endorse a wait-and-see approach. Coupled with the Greenback’s bullish momentum, the Aussie – Dollar exchange headed lower about 0.91% over the course of the five sessions, finish at 0.78365.

Alongside the Australia cousin, the New Zealand Dollar also posted a decrease versus its US counterpart last week in defiance of New Zealand’s Retail Sales recording a surge. In conclusion, the Kiwi – Greenback suffered a loss of 1.35% to end up the week at 0.72925.

Other assets:

Needless to say, the flagship anti-fiat asset printed a decline because of the US Dollar’s pick-up. In total, Gold prices finished up the five sessions at 1328.22, descending about 1.41%.

Oil prices continued to report a positive affair last week on the back of a decrease in U.S. Crude Oil Inventories. In summary, the USOIL made an energetic gain of 3.98%, trading at $63.55 per barrel on the previous week’s close

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency last week recorded a retracement. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading around $9,450, dropping about 20.14%
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